Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, May 12 — Brandon Shae Mink, 34, was arrested after officers investigated a report that he had assaulted his girlfriend. Mink, whose girlfriend found he was sleeping with someone else, grabbed his girlfriend in a chokehold and threw her around the galley before challenging her to "fight like a man."

Assist other agency, May 12 — Police and fire officers assisted with evicting 18 tenants from a boarding house after the fire marshal determined the boarding house posed a significant fire hazard.

Trespass, May 12 — Jeremy Bruseau was found by a houseboat owner in the owner's bed, watching television and drinking vodka, with his hand on the buttocks of the owner's sleeping wife. Bruseau was successfully convinced at gunpoint to leave but repeatedly claimed that he had been invited onboard by "the dude." Bruseau stumbled his way to a nearby bar where he collapsed on the sidewalk to await police arrival. He was arrested on criminal trespass charges.

Suspicious activity, May 14 — Caller reported people rolling boulders from the top of Bunker Hill into an area frequented by pedestrians several hundred feet below. An officer hiked to the top of Bunker Hill but found that the suspect boulder rollers had already departed.

Noise disturbance, May 17, 2158 hours — Caller reported a loud ship's horn was blaring with annoying frequency which prevented the caller from sleeping. The offending horn was located and the responsible party, who was trying to fix the broken horn, assured the horn blowing would stop.

Homicide investigation, May 22, 0152 hours — Officers responded to a local bar to investigate a report of "man down." Subsequent investigation revealed that Anthony "Tony" Pouesi had punched Marlo Adams, knocking him out. Adams sustained serious head injury when he hit the ground. Pouesi, 28, from American Samoa, was arrested and charged with assault and providing false information to a police officer. On May 24, Adams died from his injuries. Pouesi's charges were amended to include manslaughter. (Lauren Rosenthal of KUCB has more details here.)

Drug law violation, May 24 — Tam Nguyen, 45, from Vietnam, was arrested and charged with possessing heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine with intent to distribute; distribution of heroin; and illegal possession of a loaded handgun. He also was charged with maintaining a business/building for a drug enterprise.

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