Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Oct. 12 — A man whose taxi companion was so intoxicated that he could not articulate where he needed to go asked the taxi driver to drive to the police station for assistance. Officers accompanied the man and his inebriated companion to his vessel and ensured that he boarded safely and was looked after by a sober party.

Theft, Oct. 14 — A local processing company employee reported that a former roommate appeared to have forged a check, in the amount of $3,000, against the employee's bank account. Under investigation.

Assault, Oct. 15 — Officers responded to a bar regarding a patron who had gone outside and started fighting with people after having been asked to leave. Officers eventually determined that one incoherent and extremely intoxicated man had been fighting with crewmembers who were trying to get him out of the bar and back to his boat. No charges were filed.

Suspicious person, Oct. 16 — A man with a swollen toe told the officer who stopped him as he was trundling along the roadway that he and his erstwhile companions had liberated a wheelchair from the hotel, to more comfortably enable his return to his vessel. The thief, whose license was suspended, was dispossessed of his stolen wheels and made to walk to his boat. The hotel did not care to pursue charges.

Assistance rendered, Oct. 17 — Vessel captain requested officer assistance with an intoxicated, soon to be former employee who was creating a disturbance at the Bobby Storrs boat harbor. Officers ensured that the suspect left the area without incident.

Warrant arrest, Oct. 17 — Sean C. Murschel, 30, was arrested on an outstanding warrant from the state of Washington for rape of a child. Murschel was arrested after officers received information that his vessel had just docked in Unalaska. He was additionally charged as a fugitive from justice.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sitka man accused of gillnetting in closed waters

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Deep Inlet, Sitka
Type: Commercial fish closed waters
On 10/7/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Joshua S. Arnold, 40, of Sitka, for commercial salmon drift gillnetting in closed waters west of the Deep Inlet Terminal Harvest Area on 8/16/14. Arnold was issued a summons to appear in Sitka District Court.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Welfare check, Aug. 31 — Officers contacted an extremely intoxicated young man who was stumbling and falling in the roadway as he walked to the Bobby Storrs Harbor. Officers escorted the man to his vessel, saw that he boarded safely and ensured that a sober party was onboard as well.

Mental, Aug. 31 — Officers responded to a processing plant regarding a report that an employee there was suicidal. The patient, well-known to officers, was transported to the clinic for another evaluation.

Suspicious person, Sept. 3 — A hysterical male reported that white males at a local seafood plant were raping, beating and killing all female employees and had threatened the caller as well. The caller, who wished to remain anonymous and refused to provide names for any of the accused, hung up after several minutes of ranting.

Animal, Sept. 3 — Caller reported a sea lion had repeatedly burst forth from the water for the last hour and was now lying on top of the water as if it were tired or entangled. A harbor officer in the area determined a large splash of sea lions were playing boisterously in the area and did not seem to be in any distress.

Assault, Sept. 5 — Officers responded to a report of a fight in front of a bar, but found only a few people who stated nothing untoward had occurred, and one man whose girlfriend had just left him who stated life was unfair.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Troopers charge Metlatkatla gillnetter

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Ketchikan
Type: Multiple offenses
On 10/2/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers charged Timothy R. Staples, 36, of Metlatkatla, with commercial gillnetting in Alaska waters without a valid 2014 Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission permit; fishing during a closed season; and unlawfully possessing commercially taken fish. All three counts are misdemeanors. Arraignment scheduled in Ketchikan District Court.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trident hit with 20 misdemeanor counts

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Ketchikan
Type: Late fish tickets
On 9/30/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers charged Trident Seafoods, of Ketchikan, with 20 misdemeanor counts of submitting late fish tickets to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Arraignment is scheduled in Ketchikan District Court.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Suspicious person, Aug. 17 — Harbor officer requested assistance with a drunk who wished to sleep in the jail this night. The drunk, after being advised by an officer that neither jail nor the airport would serve as a hotel, opted to sleep on the grassy knoll at the end of the airport terminal.

Suspicious activity, Aug. 18 — Fishing company staff reported a deckhand might be missing, as he had checked his luggage but failed to make his outbound flight. Company personnel later reported they had made contact with the employee and no further action was required.

Assault, Aug. 21 — Randall K. Burns, 26, was arrested on one count of assault after witnesses reported he had punched a man later identified as Burns' roommate. Burns told officers he had been attempting to get his recalcitrant roommate on the boat, and had told him he'd count to three before hitting him if he didn't board the vessel.

Assault, Aug. 22 — Officers responded to a processing plant at which two employees had begun hitting one another following an argument over some minor issue. Two men both claimed the other had started the fistfight. Under investigation.

Domestic disturbance, Aug. 25 — Intoxicated adult male whined to police that his brother took his liquor bottle and wouldn't give it back. An officer, after speaking with the drunken caller, surmised that really, no police intervention was necessary.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 25 — Officers responded to a fishing vessel on which a large, intoxicated deckhand was apparently creating quite a ruckus with his crewmates. A soiled and sloppy Henry Siaosi, 30, was arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct after witnesses confirmed that he had fought with multiple people onboard the vessel.

Theft, Aug. 29 — Caller reported that a rental vehicle, left unlocked and with keys inside, had been stolen. A few minutes later the caller reported having found the vehicle in the possession of a man who thought it was his fishing vessel's leased truck.

Theft, Aug. 30 — Bar patron reported that his vehicle, left unlocked and with keys in the ignition, had been stolen from the Norwegian Rat Saloon parking lot. An officer later observed the missing vehicle in the parking lot ... of the Norwegian Rat Saloon.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sitka salmon troller cited twice

Location: Shelikof Bay, Sitka
Type: Commercial troll closed area
On 8/23/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted Jeffery M. Farvour, 45, of Sitka, commercial power trolling off of Cape Edgecumbe. Investigation showed Farvour was operating gear from the F/V Suunta within one nautical mile of the Kruzof Island shoreline in the "areas of high king salmon abundance" which are closed during the coho commercial troll fishery by emergency order. Farvour was cited with arraignment set in Sitka District Court.

Location: Sitka
Type: Possess king salmon during closure
On 8/12/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Jeffery M. Farvour, 45, of Sitka, after investigation revealed that Farvour possessed and delivered three king salmon onboard his vessel, the F/V Suunta, during the commercial troll king salmon closure. The kings were reportedly misidentified as another legal species. Arraignment set in Sitka District Court.