Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Theft, Oct. 3 — An extremely intoxicated woman told police that her bodyguard had stolen $380, then $480, from her pocket. The woman, who at one point passed out in the bunkhouse hallway as the officer was investigating, was extremely unhappy about her money not being found on her bodyguard or any of the other people with whom she had been partying this night and repeatedly attempted to instruct the officer on how best to perform his duties. The allegedly missing money was not located.

Suspicious activity, Oct. 4 — Local caller reported having paid kidnappers $1,200 to release his daughter (currently in another state), who had allegedly been nabbed after she threatened to call police about a traffic accident. Only after paying the demanded amount did the caller phone his daughter, to find that she was safe and had never been in a traffic accident. An officer advised the caller he was the victim of fraud and suggested he contact Western Union to stop payment on the funds.

Assault, Oct. 6 — Fisherman reported having been assaulted while at sea, several days earlier. An officer took a statement from the man and turned the investigation over to the Alaska State Troopers.

Assault, Oct. 6 — Officers responded to a report that a fight had just occurred in the parking lot of a hotel and spoke with several witnesses and participants. Two men had indeed been fighting in the parking lot over "fisherman stuff." One man had minor injuries and neither wished to pursue charges.

Welfare check, Oct. 6 — Caller asked officers to check on a man who might not be eating and might be shy. Officers found the man camped out in a parking lot. He assured them he was eating and was simply waiting for a job on a fishing boat.

Summons, Oct. 7 — Officer attempted to serve a summons for a commercial fishing violation on a man whose boat was no longer in port.

Drunk disturbance, Oct. 7, 1744 hours — Officer responded to a residence wherein a drunken tenant was having problems with her drunken landlord. An officer advised the landlord, who wanted his obstreperous tenant removed, that he needed to follow approved eviction procedures for that to happen.

Assault, Oct. 8, 0208 hours — Officers responded to the residence of the drunken landlord and his tenant, wherein the landlord claimed to have been awakened by his tenant pounding on his testicles. Officers determined the incident had not happened as described, and again encouraged the landlord to follow eviction procedures if he found his tenant too unruly.

Welfare check, Oct. 11 — Out-of-state caller requested help locating her father, for whom she had no phone number and whose place of employment was identified only as a fishing boat. An officer was able to find contact numbers that the father had used at some time in the past but was unable to find the father.

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