Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, March 31 — Officers responded to a report of an assault at a processing plant. The caller received injury to his face but did not want to pursue charges. The individual that the caller stated had caused the injury denied any involvement. A review of surveillance video upheld the suspect's statement and cleared him of any involvement. Further investigation revealed that the caller received the injury in a drunken wrestling match with a different individual. He still did not want to pursue charges.

Suspicious activity, April 2 — Caller reported that an individual had turned in a WWII-era bomb. The bomb was stored away from inhabited areas pending disposal.

DUI, April 3 — Against a friend's advice, Sheryl Castillo, 56, of Unalaska, drove to the police station to retrieve her dog and was arrested for DUI. Her breath alcohol content was .165.

Public safety, April 3 — Officer contacted two individuals huddled on the side of the road acting suspiciously. The two stated they were praying for guidance.

Disorderly conduct, April 4 — Officers responded to a report of a group of drunken persons walking on the side of the roadway. One of the dipsomaniacs was said to be bleeding from his head and face. Investigation revealed that the injured individual had fallen on the rocks while trying to navigate his way back to his boat. His brother tried to help but made it worse so the two began to wrestle. A third individual intervened and carried the injured brother out of the rocks to the roadway where the group was contacted by the police.

Ambulance request, April 4 — EMS responded and assisted with an individual who had fallen on the rocks and injured his head and face.

Animal, April 4 — Caller reported a "large like bird" sitting on the porch railing at a local bunkhouse, and was afraid it might have been injured. Officers responded and found an adult bald eagle perched on the railing at the front door of the bunkhouse. The eagle appeared content to eyeball everyone who came close. The eagle was shooed away, and did not appear injured.

Ambulance request, April 5 — EMS responded and assisted with an 18-year-old male who suffered face, head and neck injury aboard a fishing vessel.

Animal, April 5 — Caller reported she hit an eagle with her car. The eagle was found to be fine and flew away unscathed.

Disorderly conduct, April 6 — Officers received a call from a hysterical drunken female who was stuck "in a cage" and could not get out. Officers discovered the female at a local ball field curled up against the chain-link fence screaming into her cell phone. The female requested medical attention.

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  1. One could base a popular weekly TV series on the material from these reports. Priceless!!!! "Unconscious in Unalaska" seems a fit working title.