Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Feb. 11 — UniSea security requested assistance with a drunk in the lobby of the Grand Aleutian hotel. An officer retrieved the drunk's phone, which he had left on the vessel from which he had recently been fired, in order that the drunk might make arrangements to pay for a room for the night.

Theft, Feb. 11 — Cab driver reported a passenger had refused to pay his fare. By the time officers arrived on scene, the man had paid and returned to his vessel. Both the passenger and the driver claimed that the other was rude.

Trespass, Feb. 12 — Officer issued a trespass advisement, per vessel management, to a man no longer welcome on Icicle Seafoods property.

Roads, Feb. 13 — Caller reported three large buoys in the middle of the road. Officers responded and found that a responsible citizen had already moved them out of the roadway.

Trespass, Feb. 14 — UniSea security asked that officers issue a 72-hour trespass advisement to a non-UniSea employee who had elected to utilize the company's compressed air to fill his truck tires.

Traffic crime, Feb. 15 — A truck driver struck a parked vehicle in an Alyeska Seafoods parking area, causing minor damage to the parked vehicle. No injuries were reported.

Motor vehicle accident, Feb. 16 — A garbage truck driver who forgot to drop the boom on his truck struck a skywalk at UniSea, causing a minor ammonia leak which was quickly contained. The truck driver was cited.

Plane crash, Feb. 16 — Police, fire and EMS personnel responded to a late afternoon plane crash at the Tom Madsen airport. No fire resulted from the crash, and none of the plane's occupants needed medical attention. The pilot reported having had difficulty maintaining control of the aircraft, and some landing gear and one wing had ultimately collapsed while landing.

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