Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Dec. 9 — Officer helped an Alyeska security officer escort an extremely intoxicated man, who had passed out in the break room, back to his own room.

Motor vehicle accident, Dec. 9 — A vehicle mysteriously ended up on the rocks near Little Priest Rock. The vehicle owner, who is not allowed to drive, refused to provide information about the identity of the friend to whom he had lent his vehicle, and stated only that his friend was uninjured. Under investigation.

Harassment, Dec. 11 — Another woman reported receiving obscene phone calls from the sexual deviant who has contacted numerous other women in the community. Under investigation.

Disorderly conduct, Dec. 14 — Officer arrived at the scene of a fight between two drunken men, one of whom received a bloody nose as a result, and found both drunks sprawled in the snow. After extensive conversation with the two drunks, the officer determined that neither participant wished to press charges.

Assault, Dec. 15 — A minor brawl erupted at the Harbor View bar involving a wedding party. A few minor injuries were reported, yet none of those involved wished to pursue charges.

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