Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Criminal mischief, Aug. 28 — Business owner reported one of her houseplants, left in an Intersea Mall hallway, had been knifed repeatedly by an unidentified assailant.

Welfare check, Aug. 28 — Desperate girlfriend asked police to check on her boyfriend, who was supposed to call this morning and had not yet done so. Vessel personnel helped officers locate the man, who was sleeping soundly in his bunk, and deliver the message to phone his gal.

Suspicious activity, Aug. 28 — Officers investigated a months-old incident in which a mother's boyfriend was accused of kissing the mother's daughter while she was sleeping. All parties reported the man accidentally kissed the daughter while standing on a table to put away a pillow.

Suspicious activity, Aug. 30, 0204 hours — Officers responded to a bunkhouse regarding an alleged fight in progress and found several grown men irritating another by continually turning off the electricity to the single man's room. The men were advised to resolve their differences and keep their noise to a minimum.

Suspicious activity, Sept. 1 — Complainant reported a swastika had been spray-painted on the sidewalk near the Public Works facility. A road construction superintendent said he would see that the symbol was removed.

Assistance rendered, Sept. 1 — A man reported he had been slapped and hit in the right eye after asking a woman if she was pregnant. The man was not injured and did not wish to press charges.

Assault, Sept. 1 — Joshua L. Ellis, 26, of Washington, was arrested on one count of disorderly conduct, two counts violating conditions of release and one count of false information to a peace officer after he was chased down and dragged from the car under which he was hiding. Ellis had hid under the car after repeatedly walloping an unidentified victim in front of the Harbor View bar. The victim and most witnesses fled while Ellis was being detained.


  1. always god for a laugh

  2. "The man was not injured and did not wish to press charges."

    What the heck is this? How can the man "press charges" when what is described is a criminal act, not a civil harm?

    It is for the State to decide whether or not to press charges in any case of Domestic Violence Criminal Assault. While the man may decline to cooperate as a witness and may even recant his testimony that he was assaulted, it is a matter of prosecutorial discretion whether or not to charge the assailant.

    This matter would be treated significantly differently had the man slapped the woman, and the woman "not wish[ed] to press charges." Gender discrimination, even by the Unalaska Department of Public Safety, has no place in our society.

    1. Whoa, dude. Chill out. The story about the Mom's Boyfriend kissing the Mom's Daughter shows that UDPS grants equal opportunity in letting bygones be bygones.