Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Welfare check, Jan. 8, 1917 hours — Two callers reported seeing flare-like lights in the sky near downtown Unalaska. An officer patrolling the area found nothing to indicate an emergency.

Assistance rendered, Jan. 9 — Caller reported several vehicles watching a vessel recovery were parked in such a way as to pose a hazard to other motorists. Officer advised the lookers-on to move to a safer location.

Assistance rendered, Jan. 9 — Three intrepid motorists who elected to ignore a giant berm placed to keep said type of motorists from going any further, found themselves stuck in the snow through which they had tried to drive.

Burglary, Jan. 9 — UniSea security reported an alleged burglary, in which a man's driver license and Social Security card, but none of his other valuable items, had been stolen. Under investigation.

Motor vehicle accident with damage, Jan. 10 — A parked and unoccupied vehicle struck another parked and unoccupied vehicle after being blown across an icy dock by a strong gust of wind. Damage to the two vehicles was significant.

Assistance rendered, Jan. 10 — Officer helped a man who had been fired from his vessel and unceremoniously deposited at a local dock find a place to sleep for the night.

Welfare check, Jan. 10 — Taxi driver Kimberly Yang phoned Unalaska Department of Public Safety to report that a man who had just requested a ride was neither answering his phone nor was he waiting outside his home as he usually did. Officers responded to the residence in question and found the elderly man in the back yard, where he had fallen on ice and was unable to get up. The man had been outside for only a few minutes and was not injured by the fall or his time in the snow. Kudos to the driver for reporting this.

Other services, Jan. 14 — Fire personnel helped fill oxygen tanks for a fishing vessel.

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