Wednesday, June 16, 2010

State representative hooks $110 ticket

The Alaska State Troopers confirm the person cited in the following case is state Rep. Wes Keller, R-Wasilla.

Keller is vice chairman of the House Special Committee on Fisheries.

Location: Homer
Type: Sportfishing with more than one line
On 6/11/10 at approximately 1200 hours, Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted a 2009 custom aluminum boat near the entrance to Halibut Cove in Kachemak Bay. Investigation revealed the only occupant, Wesley Keller, 64, of Wasilla, was sportfishing with more than one line. Keller was issued a citation for the offense with a fine of $110.

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  1. stupid is as stupid does! Good god, where do we find, and vote for these people? 'Keller is vice chairman of the House Special Committee on Fisheries.' "Really officer, my wife just fell overboard!"
    Probably just some back slappin' at the boyz club is all that will come of it. Wink, wink.