Friday, April 9, 2010

Homer guide accused of halibut highgrading

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Homer
Type: Sport charter fishing violations
In June 2009, Alaska Wildlife Troopers received a complaint that Brad Fisher, 38, of Anchorage, was believed to have committed multiple sportfishing violations while working as a sportfishing guide for a saltwater charter business in the Homer area. Investigation revealed that on 5/31/09 Fisher retained a number of halibut in excess of the legal daily bag limit for his clients. Fisher retained multiple small halibut in a bucket onboard the vessel. As bigger halibut were caught, small halibut were released from the bucket, some of which were already dead. Summonses to appear in court have been issued for Fisher on charges of illegal possession of fish, waste of fish, overlimit of sport-caught halibut, sportfishing guide aiding in commission of a violation, false entry in saltwater charter logbook, and prohibited retention of fish by a sportfishing guide.

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