Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Burglary, Jan. 11 — Burglars made off with brand new Carhartts, new sleeping bags and an old TV after they broke into a fishing vessel at the Spit Dock. Under investigation.

Traffic crime, Jan. 12 — Officer found a rental vehicle abandoned at a stop sign. Investigation revealed a member of the Discovery Channel film crew left it at that location after the transmission ceased engaging.

Drug law violation, Jan. 14 — While officers were investigating an unrelated incident, several men in a neighboring UniSea bunkroom brought attention to themselves with their boisterous merrymaking. Officers who contacted the men about the noise quickly identified marijuana as the source of their merriment. Andrew D. Lacey, 22, and Raymond B. Jones, 23, both of Washington, were arrested for misconduct involving a controlled substance.

Assault, Jan. 17 — A UniSea employee who was afraid of a man who had been behaving oddly at a party asked a companion to walk home with her. Once in her building, the woman’s companion was jumped and choked by the man in question. The assault was witnessed by two other people. Thomas M. Romero, 37, of California, was arrested for assault.

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