Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sitka troller cited

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Sitka
Type: Commercial troll closed period
On 5/7/18 Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Jeffery M. Farvour, 49, of Sitka, for commercial power trolling during a closed period aboard the F/V Apollo. Farvour was observed by AWT commercial trolling approximately 2.2 nautical miles into the "Western Channel" troll area which was not opened by emergency order to commercial trolling. Proceeds from a king salmon taken in the area were seized by the state.


  1. Maybe this was an intentional act, so as to
    further the agenda of local fish groups in sitka? since it was so blatant, what else could it be??

  2. isn't this guy on the advisory panel for npfmc?
    Says a lot .............

  3. He was, and he is a strong mouthpiece for Benken and Falvey inc.

  4. an honest mistake...