Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, April 17 — An officer intervened between two individuals who were in the genesis of a pugilistic encounter. The involved ruffians were separated and sent on their way.

Assault, April 18 — Officers responded and investigated a report of an assault. Edward McClure, 32, from Prosser, Wash., was arrested for assault for punching another in regards to a gambling debt.

Animal, April 23 — Officer contacted an individual feeding dozens of eagles so as to amuse the tourists off a visiting cruise ship. He was contacted and advised of the illegal nature of his actions.

Assistance rendered, April 24 — Harbor officer reported that a vessel was in danger of sinking. Dispatch notified the vessel owner of the concern.

Civil, April 26 — Officers stood by as a vessel captain ordered a fisherman off his vessel.

Public safety, May 4 — Unexploded ordnance was located on the beach. U.S. military EOD personnel responded and detonated the ordnance.

Suspicious activity, May 14 — A drone, equipped with a camera, was reported to being flying overhead, creating concerns. No criminal activity was observed.

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