Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Environmental, Feb. 7 — Caller reported what appeared to be a large oil spill in the water near Hog Island. Substance was found to be a sootlike substance and not oil.

Suspicious activity, Feb. 7, 2138 hours — A false report of an individual in possession of a side arm was reported at a local lounge by a man who claimed to be knighted by the queen of England. The gentleman and his two coworkers later started shouting at each other. An officer advised the inebriated parties to go to their separate rooms and warned them he didn't want to get a call back for them.

Drunk disturbance, Feb. 7, 2217 hours — A man was reported shouting and roaming the halls of the Grand Aleutian hotel. Officers found the inebriated gentleman and coworkers creating a noise disturbance in a room. They were again advised to stay in separate rooms and to keep the noise down.

Welfare check, Feb. 10 — Concerned Seattle mom requested officer assistance in contacting her son. Son was contacted and informed about his new nephew.

Environmental, Feb. 10 — Caller reported a "foamy, stinky smelling, not appealing" amount of water was running off from an area near a local processing plant into the bay. Officer investigated but could not locate the substance. Coast Guard was notified.

Liquor law violation, Feb. 10 — Local fisherman dropped off an extremely intoxicated fisherman in a wheelchair into the Grand Aleutian hotel lobby where he proceeded to cause a scene. Officers responded and advised the inebriate that he was too intoxicated to enter liquor establishments for the rest of the evening.

Drunk disturbance, Feb. 10 — Boat captain requested that a drunk fisherman be removed from his vessel. Officers convinced the captain to let the inebriated male sleep it off as he was not able to care for himself. Captain stated that he would be firing the deckhand in the morning.

Ambulance request, Feb. 11 — EMS personnel responded to a local processing plant for a 50-year-old female who tripped and hit her head, leaving her unconscious.

Theft, Feb. 12 — Fisherman reported that his vessel sent a $5,000 check to his residence in Washington state. Subject stated that someone in Washington cashed the check at a Wells Fargo Bank and that he has never gotten it. Officer advised the subject to get a copy of the stolen paycheck and a statement from his employer.

Assist other agency, Feb. 12 — Officer served a local fisherman civil paperwork on behalf of the Alaska State Troopers.

Found property, Feb. 13 — Wallet found at the UniSea galley.

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