Friday, December 25, 2015

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Harassment, Nov. 9 — Crab observer reported that a member of a film crew had attempted to thwart her data collection efforts onboard her vessel. The captain and film crew for the vessel provided a somewhat different version of events, but were warned nonetheless about interfering with observer duties. The captain also was advised to address his other concerns with the observer's employer and/or the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Environmental, Nov. 11 — Caller reported the roof to her house was being blown off by high winds and asked police for assistance. Officers confirmed that the roof was blowin' in the wind but were unable to detain it.

Assist other agency, Nov. 13, 1259 hours — Officer accompanied an Alaska State Troopers wildlife tech onboard a vessel whose fishing practices and crew were under investigation. Several citations were served to the crew.

Warrant arrest, Nov. 13, 1545 hours — Blake M. Platt, 23, was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Platt was located onboard a vessel that was being investigated by Alaska State Troopers.

Suspicious person, Nov. 28 — Officer watched an intoxicated man stroll along the Bobby Storrs boat harbor floats, peering into vessels. The man was contacted after he boarded a boat, and told police that he was an employee who had permission to stay on the vessel. He was unable to provide the name of the captain or any other person who had given him such permission, and was told to leave when officers were unable to contact anyone responsible for the boat.

Harassment, Nov. 28 — Officer investigated a complaint that certain men were being harassed at work, where coworkers were calling them ISIS terrorists. The officer advised those involved that such actions could have unintended consequences, including criminal charges.

Theft, Nov. 30 — Rental company reported that yet another vehicle had been stolen after having been left at a dock by departing vessel crew. Officers located the vehicle. Under investigation.

Environmental, Dec. 1 — Ravens attacked a load of garbage conveniently left in the bed of pickup truck, scattering debris around the parking area and roadway. The vehicle owner was contacted and agreed to dispose of the trash as soon as possible.

Assistance rendered, Dec. 11 — Captain asked for assistance with a potentially uncooperative crewman who was being ordered off the vessel. Officers notified the man he was not allowed to return to the boat, and stood by until he departed the area.

Suspicious activity, Dec. 12 — Vessel captain who had recently fired one of his employees reported that several hundred dollars worth of hand tools were missing from the boat. Under investigation.

Public safety, Dec. 14 — Caller reported kids throwing snowballs at moving vehicles and running across the roadway willy-nilly. Officers were unable to locate the rapscallions.

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