Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Fire response, Oct. 26 — Fire personnel responded to a fish-processing complex regarding a reported fire in a second-story apartment. Fire personnel determined the smoke was actually steam from a boiler and that no emergency existed.

Assault, Oct. 27, 0140 hours — Two drunken men went into the water following an argument about "thug life" onboard their vessel. Both men, who were out of the water and in dry clothing by the time officers arrived, refused medical attention. Neither cared to provide further details about the altercation.

Ambulance request, Oct. 27, 0251 hours — EMS personnel responded to a different dock, where a caller reported hearing someone yelling as if he were in the water. The intoxicated patient, who had indeed been in the water, refused medical attention.

Welfare check, Oct. 27 — Caller asked police to check on the occupants of a home at which the electricity had recently been cut off. The occupants, both inebriated, were watching a blank TV and were quite well aware they had no power.

Assist other agency, Oct. 27 — Officer helped Alaska State Troopers investigate an assault which had occurred onboard a vessel in state waters near the Pribilof Islands.

Ambulance request, Oct. 27, 2314 hours — EMS personnel responded to yet another dock where yet another intoxicated man had fallen into the water.

Animal, Oct. 28 — Caller reported an entangled whale drifting close to town.

Civil, Oct. 30 — Two recently fired fishermen complained to police that their former employer, who had provided the men with $250, had not given them enough money for lodging. The employer offered to pay directly for a hotel room provided the men returned the $250 cash. They declined.

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