Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SE gillnetter accused of fishing too near creek

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Lynn Canal
Type: Commercial fish closed waters
On 6/21/15 Juneau Wildlife Troopers observed the F/V Yarrow commercial gillnetting within 500 yards of Bessie Creek in Lynn Canal. Bessie Creek is a documented salmon stream, and commercial fishing is prohibited within 500 yards of salmon streams. The captain and permit holder on the Yarrow, Stefan Fritz, 45, of Lakebay, Wash., was issued a citation for commercial fishing in closed waters. Fritz has a mandatory court appearance in Juneau District Court.


  1. Anyone who knows this spot knows what a ridiculous charge this is. Obviously someone in a house calling the fish cops.

  2. If this stream is important enough to ADF&G to fine a fisherman that had no intention to break the law, why are there no stream markers? Most people do not know that there is a stream at the spot. What a joke!