Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

DUI, Dec. 9 — An officer contacted a driver who had veered off the road before abruptly turning across the roadway and parking near a defunct processing plant. Driver Nicholas Meriwether Dryden, 32, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test.

Fire response, Dec. 19 — Caller reported hearing an explosion near Magone Marine and then seeing a skiff on fire in that area. Fire personnel who responded to the area found a large controlled burn in a ship's hull, which was being used as a fire pit.

Assistance rendered, Dec. 19 — School bus driver reported being stuck on ice on Captains Bay Road. Officers provided traffic control while personnel from Westward Seafoods used their equipment to move the bus.

Ambulance request, Dec. 19 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a young man who had accidentally stabbed himself in the leg with a new Victorinox knife which was protruding from his backpack.

Assault, Dec. 21 — A man voiding his bladder in public threatened another man who had the impertinence to order him to cease micturating. The unruly urinator was advised he could be barred from company premises if he continued to create problems.

Suspicious activity, Dec. 21, 1801 hours — Crewmembers reported their captain had not been seen since approximately midnight, when he had been drinking at a bar. The crew, who were drinking at another bar, did not appear overly concerned about this state of affairs. A short time later the captain was reported to be back.

Assault, Dec. 22 — Officers responded to a melee outside the airport and found about a dozen alcohol- and testosterone-fueled fishermen milling about the bathroom. The men, only one of whom was injured, could not individually provide any coherent story but collectively related a tale of fishermen gone bad, quite possibly as a result of overconsumption of alcohol.

Noise disturbance, Dec. 24 — A bunkhouse tenant who was decidedly lacking in holiday cheer called police to complain about a neighbor who was cooking, albeit quietly, a late dinner in the communal kitchen. An officer suggested that the complainant simply be nice to his neighbor.

Suspicious activity, Dec. 24 — Caller reported men in a bucket truck were doing something to equipment on the Standard Oil Hill tsunami siren. The responding officer found two city employees repairing tower-mounted communication equipment.

Drunk disturbance, Dec. 26 — A dipsomaniac who had been fired from his previous employment made his way to a different vessel at a different dock, where he was again told by vessel management and police officers to leave.

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