Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Domestic disturbance, Nov. 16 — Caller requested officer assistance in removing his girlfriend from his residence. Caller was upset because his girlfriend wouldn't sleep with him but was sleeping with everybody else. Officers advised that the two separate for the evening to avoid further issues.

Welfare check, Nov. 17 — Boat captain requested assistance with a crewmember who went "crazy" aboard the vessel a few days earlier. Captain wanted the individual checked out by mental health when the vessel arrived in town. Officers contacted the individual in question who stated he did not go crazy, but just lost his cool due to the poor conditions on the vessel.

Theft, Nov. 19 — Caller reported approximately $25,000 worth of stolen fishing gear from their vessel. Suspect was identified. Complainant just wanted the property returned and did not want to press charges.

Noise disturbance, Nov. 19 — Caller reported that his neighbor was playing loud, Satan-like music and he wanted it to stop. Officers contacted the group and advised them to turn down the music.

Assistance rendered, Nov. 20 — Officers assisted the Harbor Department with the seizure of a vessel.

Trespass, Nov. 20 — Boat captain requested assistance in removing an intoxicated and aggressive individual from his vessel. Officers advised the subject he was trespassed indefinitely from the vessel upon the captain's request.

Drug violation, Nov. 21 — Officer was notified of possible drug activity by a local fisherman. Individual in question had flown off the island.

Roads, Dec. 1 — Caller reported a fishing buoy rolling around in the roadway on the South Channel Bridge. A city sanitation specialist removed it.

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