Friday, November 28, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Nov. 5 — Out-of-state caller phoned 10 or so times to make sure that her mother-in-law was safe from a large storm that was still days away from making landfall. An officer suggested she contact some of her other family members to see what precautions had been put in place.

Assault, Nov. 8 — Several men beat and strangled a lone man outside the Harbor View bar, rendering him unconscious for several minutes and leaving him with severe injuries about the chest and head. The thugs attempted to flee with the victim's jacket but were followed and briefly detained by UniSea security. Officers responding to the scene quickly identified two of the three men as Brandon M. Ahrndt, 27, and Christopher T. Israelson, 23. The third man was later identified as Keith Hilty, 29. Ahrndt, Israelson and Hilty were arrested on charges of robbery, assault and theft.

Welfare check, Nov. 8 — Daughter requested assistance locating and contacting her mother, who apparently had boarded a flight to Unalaska to meet a man named John about a job in a newly opened cafe. Investigating officers were able to locate neither a newly opened cafe nor a man named John associated with any new or old cafes or similar establishments. Several hours later the daughter called to report that she had made contact with her mother.

DUI, Nov. 12 — Local boat captain reported that one of his deckhands had just been terminated due to his level of intoxication. Caller believed that the deckhand was possibly about to drive. Police sergeant contacted the intoxicated individual inside the described vehicle sleeping. There was no evidence that the vehicle had been driven.

Animal, Nov. 12 — Harbor officer observed a dead eagle on Ballyhoo Road near City Dock. Local truck driver reported that three eagles swooped in front of his vehicle and he accidentally ran over the young one. The Alaska State Troopers collected the eagle remains.

Assault, Nov. 13 — Boat captain reported being attacked by a drunken deckhand aboard the vessel. Officers responded and arrested Malaefou Laulu, 38, for assault.

Assistance rendered, Nov. 15 — Local resident got upset when he found a naked man inside his mom's room. He yelled at the naked man and told him to leave the house. The mother soon returned and asked that her son be made to leave the residence for the evening. Officers advised that they could not force the son to leave the residence as he lived there and no crime had been committed.

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