Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trident hit with 20 misdemeanor counts

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Ketchikan
Type: Late fish tickets
On 9/30/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers charged Trident Seafoods, of Ketchikan, with 20 misdemeanor counts of submitting late fish tickets to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Arraignment is scheduled in Ketchikan District Court.


  1. 1. I guess it really is oil companies that pay Wesley's salary and not seafood processors after all.

    2. Why is anyone shooting shit out about our industry mistakes, rather than touting the tax base, job creation and innovations that a great company like Trident makes and does?

    3. John Garner just retires from Trident. Isn't this a bigger story?

    4. This is just a glitch and Trident probably just had an office person miss a mailing as we're doing salmon geoducks crab all at once.

    5. WTF Wes.

    Signed sincerely,


  2. Jerry McKuen runs for state office from ufa

    Isn't that a bigger story

    Congrats on the new job btw