Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Oct. 12 — A man whose taxi companion was so intoxicated that he could not articulate where he needed to go asked the taxi driver to drive to the police station for assistance. Officers accompanied the man and his inebriated companion to his vessel and ensured that he boarded safely and was looked after by a sober party.

Theft, Oct. 14 — A local processing company employee reported that a former roommate appeared to have forged a check, in the amount of $3,000, against the employee's bank account. Under investigation.

Assault, Oct. 15 — Officers responded to a bar regarding a patron who had gone outside and started fighting with people after having been asked to leave. Officers eventually determined that one incoherent and extremely intoxicated man had been fighting with crewmembers who were trying to get him out of the bar and back to his boat. No charges were filed.

Suspicious person, Oct. 16 — A man with a swollen toe told the officer who stopped him as he was trundling along the roadway that he and his erstwhile companions had liberated a wheelchair from the hotel, to more comfortably enable his return to his vessel. The thief, whose license was suspended, was dispossessed of his stolen wheels and made to walk to his boat. The hotel did not care to pursue charges.

Assistance rendered, Oct. 17 — Vessel captain requested officer assistance with an intoxicated, soon to be former employee who was creating a disturbance at the Bobby Storrs boat harbor. Officers ensured that the suspect left the area without incident.

Warrant arrest, Oct. 17 — Sean C. Murschel, 30, was arrested on an outstanding warrant from the state of Washington for rape of a child. Murschel was arrested after officers received information that his vessel had just docked in Unalaska. He was additionally charged as a fugitive from justice.

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