Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Suspicious persons, July 27, 0107 hours — Officers contacted several men who were drinking and loitering around an allegedly disabled vehicle near Little South America. The men, all of whom were intoxicated, were advised not to drive this night.

Welfare check, July 27, 0239 hours — Officer contacted three different but also intoxicated men after watching two of the three men stumble and fall to the ground. The men were not injured and required no assistance meandering back to their respective rooms.

Welfare check, July 27, 0502 hours — Yet another inebriate, this one walking in the middle of the roadway, was contacted by officers. The drunk was able to safely board his vessel, which was docked only a few feet away.

Welfare check, July 29 — Out-of-town caller asked police to check on her husband, from whom she had not heard for almost 10 whole hours. Officers located the man and then advised the woman that the man was at work, and had been for most of the day.

Welfare check, July 30 — Company security asked officers to check on a man who had made comments about having lived a good life and having nowhere to go, after his employment was terminated. An officer spoke to the man, who denied any intention to harm himself and said he simply has nowhere to store his belongings and wants to give them away.

Assistance rendered, Aug. 2 — Request to allow access to the beach near the Aleutian Rod & Gun Club range, in order to clean shipwreck debris.

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