Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Petersburg crabber nets $3K fine, forfeits catch

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Petersburg
Type: Conviction
On 4/1/14 Jared Bright, 39, of Petersburg, the permit holder aboard the F/V Obsession, was convicted of retaining undersized golden king crab. The conviction is the result of an Alaska Wildlife Troopers investigation that showed Bright delivered commercially caught golden king crab that were less than 7 inches in width of shell. Bright was convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to pay $8,000 with $5,000 suspended and placed on probation for two years. Bright forfeited the undersized crab to the state of Alaska.


  1. The laws should be tougher on fisherman that deliberately harvest under size crab. It happens in all crab fisheries. Forfeit the entire load and fine deckhands $5,000 and captains $10,000. State needs to make a point!!!

  2. Catcher processors are the worst.

  3. well you all need to understand something. an undersized crab will be counted even though on the grounds it was an exact width but during transit a few of its spikes on the shell break. That's less than a mm in width not enough and it will be counted as undersized crab. It's not like these guys are just throwing everything in the hold that comes up in the pot. This is from personal experience.