Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Suspicious person, April 21 — Officer advised a mildly intoxicated and sleeping man that he was not allowed to use the Unalaska library as a bedroom, and that he should return to his own premises if he was in such need of a nap. The man left the library without incident.

Suspicious activity, April 24 — One caller reported seeing a flare above the Unalaska Post Office, and another reported seeing one from the Captains Bay area. Officers checked the general area but found nothing to indicate any emergency.

Warrant arrest, April 25 — Nikki S. Clinton, 38, was arrested on an outstanding warrant after an off-duty officer recognized him on a UniSea dock.

Animal, April 26 — A decidedly unfriendly cat was turned in to the Unalaska Department of Public Safety for adoption.

Suspicious person, April 26 — Harbor officer asked police to talk to a man at the airport because the man seemed upset. Officers did, and learned that the man had been fired from his job but did not want any assistance. Prior to departing the area, officers advised the man that his driver's license was revoked.

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