Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Emergency response, March 23 — Fire, EMS and police personnel responded to a small ammonia leak. (The leak occurred at the UniSea complex, prompting a worker evacuation, KUCB radio reported.)

Animal, March 23 — A runner reported having been attacked by a bald eagle, apparently one of a nesting pair returning to nest across from the clinic.

DUI, March 24 — Officers investigated a report that a fishing vessel captain was operating his boat while intoxicated. No signs of alcohol consumption or impairment were discovered.

Suspicious person, March 25, 0537 hours — Caller reported an intoxicated man sleeping in the entry of a local church. The man, whose explanation was peppered with expletives, said he was trying to attend Bible study.

Assault, March 25 — Anthony Espiritu Aro, 28, was arrested on charges of burglary, assault and tampering with evidence after officers investigated an assault in a local bunkhouse. Multiple witnesses stated that Aro, armed with a knife, attempted to force his way into another man's bunkroom and then tried to stab the victim multiple times. The victim's roommates were able to protect him from all but minor injury. Aro, who had fled to another room, claimed he had been jumped by unidentified assailants and had cut himself on a broken bottle.

Assistance rendered, March 26 — Harbor and police officers responded to a docked vessel from which the U.S. Coast Guard had received an automated distress signal. The crew was unaware that a distress signal had been sent, and was unsure how the emergency messaging system worked. Officers noted nothing amiss aboard the vessel.

Public safety, March 27 — Unalaska Department of Public Safety employees and volunteers participated in a tsunami evacuation drill.

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