Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Harassment, Dec. 30 — Caller reported a woman, who has assaulted him before, had threatened to shove a radio down his throat and her male companion had threatened to kill him. At least one witness corroborated this statement. Under investigation.

Assistance rendered, Jan. 1 — Officers assisted EMS personnel with a drunk who was able to respond to questions with only a two-word, one-finger answer.

Traffic crime, Jan. 3 — Caller reported a vehicle with unsecured propane tanks on the bed was crossing the South Channel Bridge. Officers contacted the driver of the suspect vehicle and advised him that several items, though not the propane tanks, were unsecured on the bed of his truck, and that the machete on the hood of his vehicle was obstructing his view of the roadway.

Trespass, Jan. 7 — Officers issued a trespass advisement to one of two fishermen who had been yelling at a bartender and calling her a variety of vulgar names. The other fisherman has yet to be located, but will as well be barred from UniSea property.

Animal, Jan. 10 — Fire and police officers responded to help a pet owner whose cat had leapt from an open window to a cliff, where it was stuck. The fire truck ladder scared the cat further up the cliff, out of sight. The pet owner was grateful for the assistance and said she would watch for her cat's return.

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