Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Drunk disturbance, Sept. 15 — Officers responded to a local dock and contacted two extremely inebriated fishermen, one of whom had recent cuts and scrapes and neither of whom was particularly forthcoming regarding how those scrapes came to be. After having been told numerous stories about being blindfolded and/or having been attacked by a gang of thugs of various ethnicities, officers determined the injured inebriate had likely simply fallen down.

Civil, Sept. 16 — Caller reported he had been fired from his job, kicked out of company housing, had nowhere to go and was likely to freeze to death this night. An officer advised the man that his complaint against his employer was best handled in civil court.

Environmental, Sept. 20, 1634 hours — High winds flipped an aluminum skiff docked near the small-boat harbor. The owner was notified.

Environmental, Sept. 20, 1704 hours — High winds continued to wreak havoc on unsecured items, this time blowing a Port-O-Let into the harbor near City Dock. Ports Department was notified.

Ambulance request, Sept. 21 — EMS personnel responded to the airport to receive four fishermen who were being brought in by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter.

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