Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Roads, June 16 — A stranger to the island called to say that he was lost on a mountain somewhere and his car had broken down on some remote road whose name he did not know. Officers were able to determine the man's most likely location, and subsequently transported him back to his hotel so that he could make arrangements to retrieve his rental car.

Assistance rendered, June 17, 1522 hours — Drunken caller asked officers to remove a drunken friend from the caller's residence. By the time officers arrived, the caller had forgotten what he wanted.

Assistance rendered, June 17, 1628 hours — Drunken caller again asked officers to remove the same drunken friend from the caller's residence, then called back to say he no longer needed police assistance.

Assault, June 17, 1710 hours — The drunken caller's drunken brother reported that the drunken friend had assaulted his brother. An officer responded and found one drunken brother on the floor; the drunken friend was nowhere to be found. Neither brother was able to accurately describe what had happened.

Traffic crime, June 18 — Several vehicles crossed the end of the runway while a plane was landing on the airstrip. An officer met with personnel from the airport and the crew doing construction at the end of the airstrip to discuss ways to improve traffic flow and safety during air operations.

Domestic disturbance, June 20 — Officers responded to Westward Seafoods regarding an assault that had taken place two days earlier. A woman told police that her sister-in-law had injured her neck by yanking a scarf and pulling it tight around her neck. Charges pending.

Harassment, June 20 — An officer responded to a local restaurant, where a waitress was allegedly being cursed by a cook. The officer determined that the cook had been drinking and was upset because the waitress kept returning food orders as being improperly prepared and had made obscene gestures at her. No threats were made. A replacement cook came in to take over duties in the kitchen.

Animal, June 21 — Caller reported an eagle had been struck by a tractor-trailer. Alaska State Troopers notified.

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