Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Suspicious person, June 9 — Vehicle owner asked an officer to remove from her tailgate the drunken young man seated thereon. The man, who was indeed intoxicated and also belligerent, refused to cooperate and suggested the officer get help. He became quite compliant when the number of officers rapidly doubled, and agreed to leave the area.

Fire response, June 9 — Report of smoke from the UniSea/N C Machinery area. Responders stood down after an officer determined the smoke was coming from the UniSea power plant.

Traffic crime, June 10 — Mother reported her son had nearly been killed by a taxi the previous day. Only limited information regarding the identity of the vehicle or driver was available. The mother asked for more frequent patrols of the UniSea area.

Fire response, June 12, 0824 hours — Fire personnel responded to the Coastal Dock regarding a fiber fire inside the hold of the F/V Blue Pacific. The fire was extinguished after several hours. The U.S. Coast Guard is inspecting the vessel for structural damage caused by the intense heat.

Fire safety, June 13 — Fire officer inspected a commercial incineration operation and ordered it to be extinguished until all chemically contaminated debris had been removed.

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