Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Drunk disturbance, April 8 — Officers responded to a bunkhouse to investigate a report of an individual running through the halls screaming and threatening people. The individual was contacted singing loudly in his room. He denied any aggressive behavior and was warned against disturbing his neighbors.

Assistance rendered, April 10 — Officers assisted in corralling a couple of escape artists, ages 2 and 4. Both had snuck out of their residence in an attempt to make it to a friend's house. The wanderers were reunited with their parents who had been searching for them.

Noise disturbance, April 13 — A noise disturbance was reported at a local processing plant. The complaint was dealt with by plant security before officers arrived.

Suspicious activity, April 13 — Complainant reported a strange piece of metal on the beach. An officer responded and confirmed the presence of a strange piece of metal. None involved could identify the nature of the strange piece of metal but determined it was not a danger.

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