Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Ambulance request, Jan. 28, 1519 hours — EMS provided care and transport for a patient who had been struck in the head with a case of frozen fish.

Ambulance request, Jan. 28, 1642 hours — EMS provided care and transport for a patient with injuries caused by a listing vessel. (Radio station KUCB reported the F/V American Dynasty was pulling into the Kloosterboer cold storage dock when the vessel "suddenly listed to the side," causing a few crewmembers to fall.)

Assault, Jan. 29 — A drunken man who was upset about being teased by a coworker punched the coworker in the face while the two were in the Bering Fisheries galley. Ralph J. E. Galpo, 25, of Nevada, was arrested on one count of assault.

Trespass, Jan. 31 — Drunken homeowner asked that two women be barred from his home for the next year. An officer reminded the drunk that he often makes such requests only to rescind them the next day, and told him to call police again when he’s sober if he still wishes to take that course of action.

Fire response, Feb. 2 — Fire personnel responded to the Coastal Dock regarding a fire onboard the F/V Alaska Lady.

Suspicious person, Feb. 2 — A drunken man phoned police and said he was naked, cold and exposing himself to passing vehicles and in need of assistance. He was unable to name or describe his location. Officers searched the common and not-so-common haunts of naked drunks but did not find the man in question. No other calls were received from the man.

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