Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unlawful landing of Bristol Bay salmon charged

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: King Salmon
Type: Unlawful landing of salmon
On 1/28/13 King Salmon Wildlife Troopers charged KJ Herman, 58, of Kodiak, with unlawful landing of salmon. The complaint alleges that Herman commercially caught over 2,000 pounds of salmon in Ugashik and then transported them to Port Moller where he sold them, which is not legal. Herman will be arraigned on 2/27/13 in Naknek District Court.


  1. The Troopers are going to make you stay in port moller permanently KJ. Not just for two seasons. Like before :/ How many tickets is that KJ?

  2. That's interesting, then why are Alaska Salmon being sold in China, Japan, Europe, Canada, Singapore...

  3. So that means if a guy can not find a Market in Ugashik he must let his fish get old waiting for one to show up instead of just going to where he knows his market is? This is really good for improving fish quality to sit on them for a long time, or do they just have a vendetta for KJ