Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Jan. 20, 0521 hours — The drunken roommate at Westward Seafoods continued to create problems, this time claiming his wallet had been stolen by his roommates. The other roommates all consented to a search of their belongings; the drunk's wallet was not found.

Assault, Jan. 22 — Officers responded to a reported fight in progress at a processing facility, and found that security officers had already detained a man who had been involved in an argument with another, unidentified person. There was no indication that any assault occurred.

Noise disturbance, Jan. 22 — Third-party call regarding noise from a bunkhouse room. An officer found two drunken men, one of whom was only partially dressed, having a heated argument in a room lit only by a black light. The shirtless man complained of having been beaten with a pillow by his friend, but reported no injuries as result of said assault. The officer advised the men they could be charged with a crime if the loud noise continued unabated.

Harassment, Jan. 22 — Man reported his wife had received numerous harassing text messages from a former employee, and asked that the ex-employee be advised not to contact his wife and not to come onto their boat or property.

Ambulance request, Jan. 23 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a patient arriving in port on a fishing vessel.

Assault, Jan. 26 — Officers responded to a report that one woman was trying to kill another woman at Westward Seafoods, and found two women, both under the influence of what appeared to be Spice, seated outside their bunkhouse. Officers found no indication that any violence had been perpetrated, though the alleged victim clearly had an altered level of consciousness.

Ambulance request, Jan. 26 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a woman with an altered level of consciousness.

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