Monday, August 27, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Aug. 19 — Man reported an intoxicated, screaming and emotionally distraught woman had a breakdown at the Grand Aleutian hotel. Officers contacted an inebriated couple who had left the bar a few hours earlier and learned their rendezvous had quickly ended when the woman appeared to suffer a nervous breakdown shortly after they initiated consensual fondling. No harm was done to either party. Officers helped the woman to her own lodging for the night.

Suspicious activity, Aug. 19 — Homeowner reported her clothesline and doghouse had been spoliated in the night by an unidentified scoundrel. The responding officer found this was indeed the case. No suspects were identified.

Animal, Aug. 19 — Second-party caller reported two hunters near Cold Bay had found a seriously injured bear cub, and wanted permission to kill the cub. An officer contacted Alaska Wildlife Troopers, who advised the civilians not to kill the cub and to let Izembek National Wildlife Refuge personnel address the issue if need be.

Theft, Aug. 20 — Intoxicated caller reported some of his alcohol, among other things, may have been stolen by his good dipsomaniac friend. He asked that officers contact him in the morning about this scandalous situation.

Disorderly conduct, Aug. 21 — An intoxicated employee broke "everything in sight" with a fire extinguisher after he was asked to leave because of his drunken condition. The inebriate fled the area before officers arrived.

Suspicious activity, Aug. 22 — Mounds of excrement, origin unknown, have been found for the past several days at a construction staging site. Construction workers opine, based on the egesta's general condition, that it is freshly deposited each day.

Theft, Aug. 22 — Officers investigated allegations of product theft by processing plant employees. There was insufficient evidence to pursue charges against any plant employees.

Assault, Aug. 24 — Manolito I. Reyes, 55, of Unalaska, was arrested for assault after his roommate told police Reyes had threatened to cut his tongue out and had then chased him while wielding a crowbar. Surveillance video confirmed the gist of the victim's story.

Environmental, Aug. 24 — Caller reported boaters harassing whales in Unalaska Bay. Information passed on to National Marine Fisheries Service.

Theft, Aug. 24 — A man who left his iPad in a garbage sack in a processing facility reported it had been stolen sometime while he was away from the plant, fishing. No suspects were identified.

Trespass, Aug. 25 — Officer issued a trespass advisement, per UniSea security, to a man who had been found sleeping in one of their vans.

Animal, Aug. 25 — Mother reported that two young girls had her family's dog and refused to give it back. Officers investigating the dog-napping complaint found that the family dog had been voluntarily given away at least a week earlier, and advised both parties that custody of the pooch was a matter best suited for civil court.

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