Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six Southeast seiners accused of illegal fishing

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Juneau, Amalga Harbor
Type: Commercial fish closed period
On 7/19/12 the following permit holders were cited for operating commercial salmon seines during a closed period:
• Patrick L. O'Neil, 59, of Lopez Island, Wash., on the F/V Saint Janet
• Nick Olney-Miller, 35, of Sitka, on the F/V Lucy O
• Delbert B. Kadake, 50, of Kake, on the F/V Jade Ann
• Jeremy C. Jensen, 37, of Petersburg, on the F/V Harvester
• Frank Wright Jr., 63, of Hoonah, on the F/V Vagabond Queen
• Christian W. Buschmann, 25, of Petersburg, on the F/V Ascension
All six men were given an arraignment date of 9/5/12 in Juneau District Court.


  1. isnt that number two boo-boo for senor jensen this year?

  2. Is his father on fisheries boards?

  3. Yes, it is # 2 for the son of John Jensen from Petersburg who while on the Fish Board has had his own violations. Genetics perhaps? This time his son may be in serious trouble. Fishing in closed waters is something that is taken very seriously by the troopers. It may result in revocation of some fishing permits. It is amazing that such a small community generates more violations per capita by far than any other place. Isn't Petersburg home to our Commissioner of fish and Game?

  4. yes it is......amazing little town of greed

  5. fishing in a closed area can just mean that you were 20 seconds late getting your rings up,in the case of a gilnetter it can mean you had a few more fish than you thought and took an extra 10 minutes picking, it can also mean you drifted over the line by accident, but they make it sound like the guy knowingly went into closed waters cause there were tons of fish there and made a set on the sneak, which is seldom the case

  6. None of the six were were using gill net gear. Of course it is possible that all six of the offenders just made an innocent error in timing their rings up. On the other hand what are the odds that all six in the same location on the same day would make the same mistake. No, it is more likely that Jensen took a calculated risk and got caught. Most out of season citations are a result of fishers who knowingly put their gear in the water before the season opens or leave it in to get the last set. And when someone like Jensen is busted multiple times in a season and in prior seasons as he has, it is hard to claim it was just an innocent mistake. Just a chip off the old block from a community that has more than its fair share of offenders.

    1. I was there

      You whiny anti petersburg anonymous pikers

      These were tough tides and a super tough,tight line
      You kidding-- del and frank would never ever intentionally set over a line

      And pat oneil?
      No way
      This was a nasty line and these guys had never set there And the tide was running like a river

      And btw I had my Avon adfg numbers on


      Ps. And I'll bet you pissants wished the commiss was from your town

    2. delbert hired you as the city of kake lobbyist when he did not have the authority to do so, not to mention his credit card judgment he hasn't paid yet, bobby t and his friends, thick as thieves

  7. seems like with all the GPS technology it would be hard to make such an error.

  8. Spot is a tough line

    Big tide

    Tough line

    Even happened to Wayne and Jev

    Who knows that area better than Wayne and Jev

  9. Easy Mistake

    They even piked on guys from kake and hoonah

  10. We need to have the line squared up somewhere offshore so we can make the set front side and back more effectively

  11. Yeah, it wasn't there fault, right Bobby T. Must be something in the water in Petersburg that just makes it physically impossible to follow the rules. It swells up their greed glands so much until they squirt so hard they can't read the GPS. Yes, that must be it.

  12. who are you mr. anonymous??? big words for a wannabe fisherman with all the answers to a situation in which you have no facts... are you perfect? are you making up for your own inadequacies? is it a personal problem? what does it matter to you?
    let it be
    jeremy c jensen
    f/v Harvester... from petersburg

  13. oh yeah jeremy?... I'll meet you out back after school!!!

    I'll show you!!!