Friday, July 27, 2012

A trio of cases from Southeast Alaska

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Juneau
Type: Commercial fish closed period
On 7/26/12 Robert D. Dickinson, 69, of Bellingham, Wash., was issued a summons for operating a commercial gillnet during a closed period in District 11B. He was given an arraignment date of 8/15/12 in Juneau District Court.

Location: Juneau
Type: Commercial fish closed season
On 7/26/12 Larry "Jev" Shelton, 70, of Juneau, was cited for operating a commercial gillnet during a closed season and for having obscured Alaska Department of Fish and Game numbers on his vessel. Shelton was given an arraignment date of 8/8/12 in Juneau District Court for the closed period summons, and was issued a $200 citation for the obscured numbers.

Location: Sitka
Type: Conviction — undersized king salmon
On 7/24/12 Peter G. Krovina, 63, of Sitka, pled guilty to one count of retaining an undersized king salmon during the commercial summer troll opening. Krovina was fined $1,000 with $500 suspended, and was ordered to pay $150 restitution for the undersized fish. He also forfeited the fish, and was placed on probation for one year.


  1. Why would a fish crook not obscure his numbers if it is only a $200 fine if caught.

  2. There you go old timer. They'll throw the book at you for that for sure. For your arrogance towards other fishermen we just smile. Better get a good lawyer and a better story.

  3. Jev shelton is the purest they come

    This must have been a problem with volume of fish or something beyond his control

    Very few individuals have done so much for our state and our commercial sport and subsistence fishermen

    Give it a break folks
    If anyone deserves one it's Jev Shelton

    We don't always agree on everything but have some respect for a guy who was the alternate PSC commiss for 13 years and just happened to be architect or co-architect of about half our fisheries here in seak

    ESP if you are a fellow drift netter with Jev


  4. A guy brings aboard a small king Salmon its all ready dead so you should completely waste it and throw it away.??? Not me!! I'm not going to sell it. But I will eat it and feed my family. What is wrong with all this today.???

  5. Probation for a year what a joke...I also agree why should we have to waste a dead fish when it will feed others

  6. Just another great case of the local sitka wildlife troopers building up good relations with area fishermen. Can't believe some of the things they enforce and dont just give warnings for. 1 count? Way to go trooper hall on the epic bust! What a joke.