Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Environmental, June 4 — Oil which appeared to be coming from a rock quarry was found flowing down a creek and into the important salmon-spawning waters of Unalaska Lake.

Theft, June 5 — A man who parked his vehicle at Westward Seafoods over a year ago, and had given permission to others to use the vehicle, returned to Unalaska and discovered that his vehicle was not where he left it.

Suspicious person, June 6 — A suspect described as a middle-aged man carrying a large plate of cookies was seen passing out cookies and beverages to people around town. An officer attempted to locate the open-handed, sweets-bearing chap, but was unable to locate him.

Suspicious person, June 7 — The middle-aged man with a large plate of cookies was spotted again, engaged once more in the dodgy act of giving away cookies and drinks. An officer this time located the culprit, and determined his random acts of kindness were simply a means to dispose of leftover snacks prepared for a corporate meeting.

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