Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Public safety, May 21 — An inmate who had so far failed to make bail on earlier charges faked a seizure and manhandled a corrections officer in order to flee his cell, but his attempt to escape from the jail was stymied when the secret code he claimed had been written on his jail-issued slippers did not open the door to the great outdoors. Alas, Christopher J. Hadsell, 23, of Washington, remained in jail with an additional charge of attempted escape.

Criminal mischief, May 21 — Boat captain reported his vessel had been broken into and vandalized during his absence. Based on documents and distinctive messages left at the scene, a suspect was quickly identified. Under investigation.

Environmental, May 23 — A sheen of diesel fuel was found on the water near the small-boat harbor. Alaska State Troopers and the Coast Guard were notified.

Public safety, May 24 — An inmate whose first escape attempt was foiled endeavored yet again to flee the confines of custody, this time by attempting to dart away from officers outside the courthouse. Christopher J. Hadsell's virtuoso performance ended about eight inches after it started, when his leg shackles and the two officers on either side of him prevented him from going any further. Hadsell was charged with a second count of attempted escape.

Animal, May 26, 0512 hours — Crowing rooster complaint.

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