Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Missing person, April 29 — Wife reported her husband, employed on a fishing vessel here, had not returned home as scheduled. Officers determined the man flew out of town two days earlier, and provided that information to the wife.

Suspicious person/activity, May 2 — Caller reported finding a spine while beachcombing. The description of the spine made it seem unlikely that it was of human origin.

Drunk disturbance, May 3 — Caller reported an intoxicated individual causing a ruckus in the common area of a bunkhouse. Officers confirmed the presence of said sot who agreed to scram.

Theft, May 5 — Owner of a local business reported that an individual had asked to see a $70 necklace from a display case. The patron grabbed the necklace and attempted to flee the store. The Darwin Award nominee was unable to operate the front door which he pushed when it required that he pull. The clodpoll returned the necklace and apologized. The business owner declined to pursue charges.

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