Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Domestic disturbance, March 11 — A woman's screaming at her boyfriend about his having to leave on a fishing boat so soon after she arrived prompted a visit to the couple by police. Having once determined that no crime had been committed, officers suggested the couple attempt to be more restrained with their arguing.

Suspicious activity, March 12 — Officer investigated a report that a possibly intoxicated captain was piloting his vessel in the harbor. The captain was found to be sober, and was most irate that a complaint had been made.

Drunk disturbance, March 13 — Officers responded to a bunkhouse wherein a group of noisy, drunken men were helping a noisy, drunken and obnoxious coworker to his room. Officers suggested the inebriates take their revelry to a location where it would be less offensive to others.

Assist other agency, March 15 — A fisherman reported he had been assaulted by a coworker several days earlier, while at sea. An officer took the initial report and forwarded the information to Alaska State Troopers for definitive investigation.

Welfare check, March 15 — A fisheries observer was reported missing after she failed to return to her vessel as scheduled. Officers spent several hours looking for the woman, only to find that her vessel had left port with her already onboard.

Assistance rendered, March 16 — Caller phoned 911 and asked for officers to come to the library to notarize his signature on an official document. After his request was politely declined, he began to berate the library staff, who also phoned police and asked for assistance. An officer responded and told the man that if he was nice, perhaps a notary at the police department could assist him.

Trespass, March 16 — An unreasonable man who had created a disturbance at the library was issued a trespass advisement for all city recreational facilities.

Lost property, March 17 — A wallet, perhaps at Westward Seafoods, with Washington driver's license and other pertinent cards and documents.

Assistance rendered, March 17 — Officer mediated a dispute between two men, one of whom had agreed to unlock the other's cell phone but had then lost the phone on a fishing vessel.

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