Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Welfare check, Feb. 12 — An officer responding to a report of an inebriate passed out in the airport found an exhausted but not intoxicated man who said he had been working very long hours for the past two weeks. A friend arrived to take the tuckered fellow back to his vessel for the night.

Ambulance request, Feb. 14 — EMS volunteers provided care for individual who had four fingers amputated while out fishing.

Ambulance request, Feb. 15 — EMS volunteers provided medical care to an individual who had received steam burns while offloading a container ship.

Drug law violation, Feb. 15 — Information regarding crack cocaine distribution in Unalaska received.

Ambulance request, Feb. 16 — EMS volunteers transported patient from docking vessel to clinic.

Drug law violation, Feb. 16 — Local seafood processing plant
reported that an employee is receiving suspicious packages in the mail. Officers discovered illicit substances inside one of these packages. Currently under investigation.

Ambulance request, Feb. 17, 0209 hours — EMS volunteers responded to a heavily sedated patient who had been acting in a bizarre manner while on a processing vessel.

Assistance rendered, Feb. 17, 0217 hours — Officers assisted with possibly combative patient.

Animal, Feb. 17 — Cat turned over to public safety for adoption. Immediately adopted by individual who had wanted a cat for weeks.

Traffic, Feb. 18 — Rotund rock reported relaxing in road.

Domestic disturbance, Feb. 18 — Raging roommate attempted roundhouse punch. Abdirahman A. Warasme, 43, of Tukwila, Wash., was charged with assault. He claimed his roommates were just too religious and angry at him for being drunk.

Ambulance request, Feb. 18 — EMS volunteers responded to individual who had fallen from the top bunk.

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