Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Ambulance request, Feb. 5 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for two patients on a fishing vessel.

Suspicious person, Feb. 5 — Woman reported receiving an odd call on her business line from a mumbling man who identified himself as Frankenstein and made about as much sense as same.

Sexual offense, Feb. 7 — Officer was asked to document a sexual harassment incident at a local processing plant.

Ambulance request, Feb. 7, 2044 hours — EMS personnel prepared to accept a patient being brought in from Akutan by helicopter; the patient's arrival was delayed because weather conditions curtailed the helicopter's ability to land in Akutan.

Public safety, Feb. 7, 2122 hours — Advisory message regarding an impending blizzard.

Liquor law violation, Feb. 8, 0316 hours — Officers responded to a hotel room that had been rented by a 16-year-old girl after security reported screaming emanating from the room. A 29-year-old man was found in the room with the girl, who was inebriated and claimed the man had provided her with the alcohol. Andrew R. Philemonof Jr., of Anchorage, was arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Ambulance request, Feb. 8, 0326 hours — EMS personnel provided care and transport to a patient arriving from Akutan via vessel.

Assistance rendered, Feb. 8 — Officer presence was requested while a man was terminated from his place of employment, due to concerns about the number of firearms in the employee's possession and his likely response to the loss of his job.

Fire response, Feb. 8 — Fire personnel responded to a report of a vessel fire. Further investigation indicated the significant smoke from the vessel was due to a blown gasket.

Ambulance request, Feb. 10, 2115 hours — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a woman with an injured elbow.

Ambulance request, Feb. 10, 2210 hours — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man who'd been hit in the head with an elbow.

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