Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Suspicious activity, Jan. 1 — Caller reported a blue strobe light at a fish processing facility. Plant personnel stated that the light is activated during waste transfers.

Death investigation, Jan. 2, 0929 hours — A 48-year old man was found dead in his locked room at Alyeska Seafoods. The cause of death is under investigation, though no evidence of foul play was observed.

Noise disturbance, Jan. 3, 0040 hours — Caller was disturbed by “loud screams of enjoyment” that had been continuing for quite some time. An officer responded to the area in question but did not locate the source of said vocalized pleasures.

Theft, Jan. 5 — A commercial diver, while raising a sunken vessel, discovered numerous tools that had apparently been stolen from a local business. Under investigation.

Roads, Jan. 6, 1114 hours — Thousands of feet of crab line strung back and forth across a major thoroughfare prevented road maintenance crews from clearing snow. A responsible party was contacted and advised of the problem.

Public safety, Jan. 6 — Extreme caution was urged once again, as a Category 1 travel advisory was continued due to icy roads and blowing snow.

Suspicious activity, Jan. 7 — Homeowner reported someone had gone to quite a bit of trouble to shovel a path to his shed and his absent neighbor’s home. Nothing had been burglarized, but the homeowner was concerned that the paths might be the first step towards the commission of a crime. It was later discovered that the U.S. Coast Guard had been shoveling snow for the local elders.

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