Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Animal, Dec. 27 — Company cat turned in for adoption after management decided the cat could not continue living at the business office.

Public safety, Dec. 29 — Advisory issued regarding the status of Cleveland volcano, which had erupted and produced a moderate-sized ash cloud.

Found property, Dec. 29 — Gift certificate for 10 pounds of king crab, turned in and returned to owner.

Drunk disturbance, Dec. 29, 2332 hours — Drunken boarding house tenant reported another tenant had grabbed his leg, forcing the drunk to phone 911 for assistance. The drunk did not wish to pursue charges.

Domestic disturbance, Dec. 30, 0026 hours — Drunken boarding house tenant reported that his equally drunken nemesis had taken his cell phone, and he wanted it back. Officers told both sots they would go to jail if they continued behaving toward one another in such a fashion.

Assault, Dec. 30, 0151 hours — Yet another boarding house tenant reported being threatened by one of the drunken louts to whom officers had already spent considerable time speaking. The lout told officers he would never say such a thing.

Other services, Dec. 31, 2300 hours — Fire and EMS personnel stood by during the New Year's fireworks extravaganza.

Trespass, Jan. 1 — Gregg T. Kortesma, 41, of Unalaska, was arrested for criminal trespass after he was found on UniSea property in violation of a lifetime trespassing advisement.

Drunk disturbance, Jan. 1, 0512 hours — Mother asked officer to advise her drunken sons they were not welcome in her home.

Drunk disturbance, Jan. 1, 0541 hours — Mother asked officer to advise her drunken sons, who had returned with another inebriated friend, that they were still not welcome in her home.

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