Friday, October 7, 2011

Gillnetter charged with illegal fishing at Bear River

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Bear River, Alaska Peninsula, Area M
Type: Commercial fish closed waters
On 9/21/10 King Salmon Wildlife Troopers received information from Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists in Port Moller that a commercial fishing violation had occurred on 9/1/10 near the mouth of the Bear River on the Alaska Peninsula. Investigation revealed that Paul A. Martushoff, 27, of Reardan, Wash., acting as skipper and permit holder aboard the F/V Orbit, commercial fished with a drift gillnet in closed waters near the mouth of the Bear River on 9/1/10. On 10/5/11 Martushoff was contacted by Alaska Wildlife Troopers at his residence in Washington via phone and interviewed. During the interview, Martushoff made statements that corroborated the ADF&G observations. Martushoff was issued a citation charging him with commercial fishing in closed waters with arraignment set for 11/15/11 in Valdez District Court.

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