Monday, October 31, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, Oct. 23 — Vessel captain requested officer presence when his boat docked, due to problems with a disgruntled crewman. The issues had been resolved by the time the boat made port.

Theft, Oct. 25 — Andrey Bachal, a Russian national and apparent fan of American television, was caught stealing a "Deadliest Catch" T-shirt from Alaska Ship Supply. Bachal, who insisted he had intended to pay for the shirt which he had stuffed inside his zipped-up jacket, was charged with one count of concealment of merchandise.

Theft, Oct. 25 — A woman reported that her vehicle had been stolen from her driveway, and was unable to say whether her husband might possibly be driving it. A dispatcher phoned the husband, who confirmed that he in fact was driving his wife's truck.

Disorderly conduct, Oct. 27 — A scuffle broke out between a Russian national who had been told by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that he was not allowed to leave his vessel, and a shoreside employee who attempted to prevent the man from departing. The local ICE agent was notified.

Animal, Oct. 27 — Driver reported a bald eagle had swooped in front of his car and shattered his windshield. Injuries to the eagle were not assessed.

Theft, Oct. 28 — Caller reported his debit card had been used for about $2,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. Investigation indicated that the debit card number had probably been stolen when the caller used it at an online pornography site.

Liquor law violation, Oct. 29 — Officer watched a man using paper napkins to clean vomit from a parking lot, and subsequently advised the man he was too intoxicated to return to the Harbor View bar. He agreed.

Welfare check, Oct. 29 — Harbor officer heard screams emanating from the wheelhouse of a boat docked at the small-boat harbor. An officer contacted the captain of the vessel, who said he was screaming merely because he was drunk.

Public safety, Oct. 29 — A man caught urinating in public apologized profusely after being "caught by a girl" and swore he would not make the same mistake again.

Assault, Oct. 29, 0305 hours — An intoxicated man who had been hitting on a female U.S. Coast Guard crew member all night became increasingly assertive, prompting another, male, USCG crew member to restrain the man by holding him about the neck. The terrified inebriate then fled to the cutter, which he refused to leave until police arrived and assured him of his safety. The inebriate was warned about his unwanted displays of affection.

Assault, Oct. 30, 0117 hours — A man was sucker-punched by an unidentified assailant at the Harbor View bar, causing injuries severe enough to require transport to Anchorage. Under investigation.

Ambulance request, Oct. 30, 0119 hours — EMS personnel provided care and transport to a man who had been punched in the face and lost consciousness for several minutes.


  1. The screaming skipper is def. my fave....

  2. any of these guys work for westward seafood inc.