Monday, September 26, 2011

Charter captain cited on multiple counts

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Ketchikan
Type: Charter violations
On 9/21/11 Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Ketchikan Post, cited charter captain and Aurora Sportfishing owner Michael Anthony Knuteson, 31, of Ketchikan, for the following: illegally taking halibut for guided sportfish purposes in a manner inconsistent with International Pacific Halibut Commission and National Marine Fisheries Service regulations; aiding in the commission of a client violation by retaining an illegal halibut on a guided trip; possessing a halibut not of legal size; failing to submit sportfish charter logbooks to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in the time specified; failing to complete sportfish charter logbooks; and transporting on deck four persons under 13 years of age who were not wearing personal floatation devices.


  1. and throw away the key.

    make him arne fuglvog's cellmate

  2. Disgruntled client from California can cause many headache. Can we see the illegal halibut? This subject also carries on into the the new regulations implemented on southeast Alaska charter operators. Is captain Tony a real outlaw or a professional captain offering a quality charter service out of Ketchikan Alaska? What does this criminal look like?