Monday, September 12, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

EMS other services, Sept. 4, 1945 hours — EMS personnel accompanied a patient from his vessel to the dock.

Ambulance request, Sept. 4, 2111 hours — EMS personnel provided transport to a patient coming to town from a vessel at sea.

Domestic disturbance, Sept. 5 — Caller reported he had been struck in the face after he got in an argument with a housemate over dirty dishes, frying fish and open windows. Officers received conflicting accounts of events and were unable to determine what if any criminal event may have occurred, and told both boys they needed to just get along.

Suspicious person, Sept. 6, 0242 hours — Officer contacted an intoxicated man lying on the ground near the South Channel Bridge. The man refused all offers of transportation and insisted on walking back to his vessel.

Domestic disturbance, Sept. 7, 0717 hours — Two men who had previously argued about dirty dishes and fried fish continued their disagreement, with one man spitting in the other's face, and being punched in the face in response. Victor T. Tamasoaalii, 53, of Oregon, was charged with one count of assault.

DUI, Sept. 7 — Caller reported a man allegedly drinking and driving near the UniSea processing plant. An officer contacted the suspect, who was not driving and had not been drinking.

Assault, Sept. 7, 2054 hours — Two men, apparently unable to get past their puerile differences over fried fish and dirty dishes, continued antagonizing one another. An officer advised the two men, again, to stay clear of one another after it was determined that no crime had been committed.

DUI, Sept. 8 — Peter J. Albee, 27, of Seattle, was charged with driving under the influence after an officer stopped him for having expired registration and learned that he had been drinking. Albee failed field sobriety tests and in spite of having a "Get out of Jail Free" card in his possession, was arrested and taken to jail.

Disorderly conduct, Sept. 8, 1956 hours — The fried fish and dirty dishes men continued shouting at one another and annoying their fellow housemates.

Assault, Sept. 8 — A man who complimented a bar maid on the way she smelled had the opportunity to smell equally nice a few minutes later when the bar maid returned to his table and spritzed him with her perfume. The man, who was offended by the bar maid's response, was advised by an officer that the behavior did not constitute a crime.

Fire response, Sept. 9, 0242 hours — Fire personnel responded to the Alyeska Seafoods processing facility, where a fire had been ignited by a welding machine.

Ambulance request, Sept. 9, 0245 hours — EMS personnel responded to a fire scene.

Assistance rendered, Sept. 9, 0246 hours — Officers assisted with evacuation and patient transport at a fire scene.

Criminal mischief, Sept. 9, 0724 hours — One of the fried fish and dirty dishes boys reported that someone, presumably his other half, had cut several of his jackets with a knife. Under investigation.

Suspicious activity, Sept. 9 — Caller reported steam in a parking lot and asked that an officer determine the source of it.

Domestic disturbance, Sept. 9, 2031 hours — The fried fish and dirty dishes boys called police to complain that bad words had been directed at one another in the common kitchen of their boarding house. Officers again encouraged the two males to engage in age-appropriate behavior.

Public safety, Sept. 10, 0200 hours — An officer advised two inebriates that it might not be in their best interest to walk in the middle of the road at night in dark clothing, especially when using headlights of oncoming vehicles to examine photographs instead of stepping out of the way.

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