Monday, August 29, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Motor vehicle accident, Aug. 23, 0232 hours — Devon Davis, 19, drove through a stop sign and sped through the UniSea area before striking three vehicles and a cement barrier on Salmon Way. Alcohol was a factor in the collision. Davis will be charged with reckless driving and minor in possession. Other charges pending further investigation.

Assist other agency, Aug. 23, 0312 hours — A harbor officer found a couple fornicating in the middle of Ballyhoo Road. The couple, who were both intoxicated and naked from the waist down, agreed it might be best to return to their vessel before resuming their sexual activity. Charges of public indecency were not filed.

Assistance rendered, Aug. 24 — A man flagged down an officer and demanded information about how to locate and contact various "Deadliest Catch" fishing vessels and crew, as he was certain that employment on one of those vessels would pay more than a job in Michigan.

Missing person, Aug. 27 — American Seafoods personnel reported a longtime employee had not reported for work when his vessel left the dock, and had not been found anywhere onboard the vessel.

Lost property, Aug. 27 — Brown vinyl binder with fishing documents.

Welfare check, Aug. 27 — Officer attempted to locate three men who reported being depressed due to their inability to get a flight off the island.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 28, 0124 hours — Three drunken men who were arguing with one another told an officer that their disagreement came about after two of the men told the third man that his wife was having an affair, which in turn led to an unpleasant confrontation between the man and wife. The first two men later admitted the only reason they thought the wife was having an affair was because she was beautiful and the only woman on the boat.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 28 — Officers responded to Westward Seafoods where a drunken man was threatening other employees, who had allegedly employed racial epithets in conversations with the drunk.

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